Data-first Digital Marketing Solutions with Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

Today, customers' needs are more complex than ever and companies need to be able to adapt and tailor to accommodate their needs. And in 2022's increasingly competitive markets, thriving companies know they need infrastructure that allows for scalability.  

Find out how Salesforce Marketing Cloud is your solution.

"I would absolutely recommend Groundswell Cloud Solutions to anyone who was in the market for assistance specifically with Salesforce Marketing Cloud"

–Marissa Contreras, VP of Digital Experience & CRM


Marketing Cloud Solves

Connecting Data, Teams, and Technology

Personalizing Every Moment in Real-Time

Optimize Performance with Artificial Intelligence


How Groundswell Uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud 


Uncovering Marketing Data Strategies

Save time and spend with automated engagement across email, web, mobile, and more. This is especially a great opportunity for teams to utilize Marketing Cloud as their new strategy - leveraging and expanding on first-party data already available at their fingertips. 


Personalized Interactions In Real-Time

Marketing, sales, and service teams can share real-time data to deliver hyper-targeted and in-the-moment customer engagements. Eliminate the friction between teams to close deals faster and serve customers better.


Automating Your Marketing to Scale

Connecting with customers needs to be always on and available 24/7, as opposed to one time deals. Longer running campaigns can also build stronger connections and investing into brand credibility over time. 


Hear from our Product Lead 

Gerauld Rivera is Groundswell's Marketing Cloud Product Lead. In this video he takes us through his experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and why it's important to have marketers as your implementation partners. Groundswell Cloud Solutions has a team of 11 technical and functional experts in our Marketing Cloud team with a greater team that has a combined 700+ certifications. 

Our Expertise Will Solve Your Problems 

We're a dynamic partner who can translate your marketing strategies and goals to reach your fullest potential. Reach out to learn more about our offerings and cloud solutions today.

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