Salesforce sets Tech companies apart

Now more than ever, it’s a critical differentiator for Tech companies to innovate and scale in the face of disruptions. Explore Groundswell's innovative Salesforce solutions with real-world examples from over 100,000 hours of implementations to gain the right insights to make smarter decisions today for the future of your high-tech business.

What You will Get fromThe Tech Playbook

The New Sales Framework:
CPQ Solutions & Tools

Whether you are struggling to calculate which products to quote for customers or support various types of pricing and discounting options, Salesforce CPQ is designed to improve how you create deals tailored to customers. To help you make an informed decision, get access to our high-level capabilities matrix between Salesforce CPQ and other leading CPQ tools in the market. 

Considerations for Management: Audit & Discovery Package

Implementing Salesforce solutions requires a well-planned and continued commitment from management and executives. Groundswell can help you manage and control variables to create an innovative and change-ready business. The Audit and Discovery Package is a business and technical assessment methodology that delivers specific risk reports that provide the right direction for scaling your business without hiccups.

Read our High-Tech Use Case findings and Discover the ‘How’ behind leading Salesforce solutions